Boot Camp Poster
Messages from the Spiritual Boot Camp
Supernatural Hunger, Faye Cohen
He Heals Your Brokeness, Miriam Sumner
Spiritual Boot Camp Tour
Bronx, NY
Eternal Refuge Church (Bilingual)
344 E. 148th St, Bronx, NY
bronx sbc
Glens Falls, NY
Full Foundation Pentecostal Church
Glens Falls, NY
Pastor Denise Perkins
boot Camp
Spiritual Boot Camp Tour (cont’d)
Whitehall, NY
Out of the Box Worship Center
Whitehall, NY
Pastor Pamela Bolton
Syracuse, NY
Exodus 3 Ministries
Syracuse, NY
Syracuse - TBT1
 Poughkeepsie, NY
In Christ United Church
Poughkeepsie, NY
Pastor Karen Webb