Northeast Women’s Conference “The Encounter – Portals of Glory”
The Encounter!
Everyone needs a fresh encounter with the Lord!  It is inevitable and necessary to sustain revival! 
Pastor Nadine Days, Pastor Milagros Reyes,
Evangelist Faye Cohen, Evangelist Miriam Sumner, 
Minister Barbara Schrell, Apostle Betty Gilmore, and Reverend Alina Diaz
The Encounter – Portals of Glory Testimonies
Healing:  A woman’s leg was shorter than the other.  The Lord grew out her leg to normal length.  She was walking crooked and had backaches, now she is healed.  Praise the Lord!
A woman who could not lift her arms higher than at the level of her chest was able to raise her arms above her head.  She did not come to the altar she was healed in the Glory.
Anonymous:  I truly was overwhelmed by what took place as I was overtaken by His Glorious presence! Thanks to Crown of Glory for your vision and anointing. I will never forget this night!  Thank you, Evangelist Faye for the Word of Knowledge!
E.K.S.:  It was a divine encounter tonight!
B.G.:  The coming Glory will be tangible.
N.D.:  If you get stuck in the process, there’s no change!
A.D.:  Some battles are won by worship!
M.R.: Metamorphosis is a process you must go through!
J. Van-Tull:  What a powerful weekend with amazing women of God!  I was blessed to be in the presence!
C.H:  The power of God was in the place…!
V.R.: Sista, I am so blessed to be a part of the Glory moments with Crown of Glory and the other women!
A.T.:  The Glory of God was so heavy upon me that at one point that I was  unable to stand anymore.  It was an awesome presence.